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Two of the quilts I created for critically ill children that I met at Ronald McDonald House have been particularly popular.  I've had requests to purchase duplicates of these quilts.  SO..... I contacted the artists and their families and asked how they would feel about it.  Both gave an enthusiastic thumbs up!  Each quilt is $400.  Half of that money will go to my non-profit to provide more free quilts to more ill children.  The other half will go directly to the young artists and their families to help with the cost of medical treatment.  It's a win/win!!  Each quilt is approximately 40" x 48", 100% cotton and fully washable.  I can add a sleeve and wooden slat for hanging if that is your intention and shipping is free.  Each quilt comes with a card of thanks, written to you by the artist.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  

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