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About The Artist

Art Quilts by Molly Todd are born of passion.  Her love of children's original artwork and a lifelong passion for fabric combine to allow her personal expression and creativity.   Molly holds a Bachelor of Art Education and a Master of Arts in Middle Childhood Education from The Ohio State University.  She is also licensed in Elementary Education and Mathematics.  After 23 years in the Middle School classroom, she spent 3 years as an Adjunct in Mathematics at the university level.  She was recognized in 2001 by The Disney Company with an American Teacher Award for Mathematics. 

Upon retirement, Molly was led to become a Quilt Artist through a series of unlikely events.  She considers these events to be spiritual in nature.  Retirement has given her the time to translate children's original artwork into quilt legacies.  Her paying customers allow her to create gift quilts to honor children who have passed away, as well as, for critically ill children at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio.  She is honored to be associated with these strong families and very brave children.  Molly has authored the first book about her work.  "Threads of Life" is available from Amazon,com.

With permission of the artists, Molly has created duplicates of many quilts.  These are available for shows.  Molly speaks to quilt guilds and other groups throughout the State of Ohio, as well.

About The Quilts

The Goal:  To recreate the artwork as exactly as possible using applique.  Every imperfection is captured to add whimsy and charm.

The Process:  It's easy.  You text a photo of the original artwork to the number below.  In approximately one week, your quilt is mailed to you. Each quilt is approximately 3' x 4' overall.

The Price:  $400.  This includes shipping and a sleeve and rod for hanging if that is your intention.

The Reason:  Not only will you honor your own special child, but your purchase will provide the funds for gift quilts to approximately five critically ill children.  Each will see their personal artwork transformed into a quilt legacy.  Thank you!  

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