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A Child's Original Artwork is a Powerful Legacy

Art Quilts by Molly Todd Inc

About the Quilts

Honor a child that you love with a quilt made from their original artwork! Every detail is captured to add charm and whimsy. *Great gift for Grandparents *Great gift from an older sibling to a newborn
Molly Todd is a quilt artist. She translates children's original artwork (with their permission) into approximately 3' x 4' lap quilts. Each quilt is 100% cotton and fully washable. She does this for free for critically ill children and for families of children who have died. Molly works with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio and Dayton Ohio and is proud to be associated with these strong families and brave children. You, too, can honor a child that you love with a quilt made from their artwork. It's easy! Just text a photo of your child's artwork to the number below. Approximately one week later, you will receive your quilt. The cost is $400. and every dollar goes to more quilts for more sick kids. Please contact Molly for more information.
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4845 Etrick Dr. Columbus, Ohio 43220